The Leaders Institute

The Leaders Institute exists to bring together leaders across the world who transform business and society.

We do this by providing opportunities through our Leaders Circle to develop the insightful thinking and cognitive capacity of C-Suite leaders and their senior executives through peer- to- peer mentoring and events to meet with our inspiring network of leaders.

Our values



We believe the key to success is to always be learning and adapting.


We question assumptions that hold us back or keep us stuck.


a network of peers and thought leaders.


We want you to succeed and provide the means and support to enable that.


From the Founder and CEO

It was after working with boards across the world I recognised that there was no organisation that really understood the realities and challenges boards face. The seeds were sewn for a new organisation and The Leaders Institute was born. That was twenty years ago and our work has continued with boards and top global teams everywhere.  Our focus has always been on continuous research through our Lab to update ourselves and so be effective when working with CEOs and their executive  teams.

Our research Lab goes beyond business schools to include how leaders think, deal with crises, and make decisions. We also understand the diversity of leaders and so treat every leader as unique.

Together we build partnerships and communities of leaders who learn from each other. The Leaders Institute is the place for leaders to share, learn and continue to grow especially in today’s demanding and uncertain environment

Hilarie Owen, Chief Executive Officer
Hilarie Owen - The Leaders Institute
We listen and support
We inspire and share knowledge
We talk straight and true
We build capacity and performance
We innovate strategy and new thinking

Leaders Posts

The Power of Assumptions

The Power of Assumptions

In the next few days political and business leaders will be making decisions that will affect everyone at COP 26 including people in those countries whose leaders are not attending. These decisions will shape both the present and the future. What can be done to ensure...

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High Performance Boards

High Performance Boards

Leading High Performing Boards to Add Value. After two years of research into what makes a high performing board and top team, I started working with boards here in the UK, across Europe, the USA and later, S Africa and it became clear that few boards actually add...

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Why the best executives have a mentor

Why the best executives have a mentor

In a recent study of people on boards it was found that the majority had had a mentor at a crucial time in their career and many directors and CEOs still have a mentor. The pressures facing boards, senior management and professionals have increased dramatically in...

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