With CEO’s from across FTSE 250 companies, scientists, economists and engineers, successful entrepreneurs, policy makers, leaders in education, health and sustainability

Fellowship of The Leaders Institute is by invitation to those considered to have made a positive contribution to business and society through their leadership. Fellows are chosen for their contribution and abilities to change the world for the better. Each is chosen with care and a belief that they can make a significant difference.

Fellows have access to the latest new ideas, innovative research, a network of forward- thinking peers and a voice for influencing change.

In addition, every month we offer a 30- minute lunchtime interview for CEOs on zoom. These have included a professor from SAGE who spoke about his experience of working with the government through the pandemic, Martin Wolf Chief Economic Commentator on the FT, Dr Emma Philpott MBE who is CEO of the IASME Consortium Ltd who focus on information assurance and keeping businesses safe from cyber- crime, Mike Thompson, Chief Economist for the Climate Change Committee advising the government on net zero and Gillian Tett, Editor in Chief FT USA.

Once a year we hold an event with speakers from around the world and networking opportunities. Over the last twenty years we have shared our research, publications and work across the world through Papers, books, articles based on our own cutting- edge research and practice.

We believe the biggest change in 2022 has to be in our thinking, our consciousness of how we see and understand the world and thus address the ‘big’ issues with a new and clear mind.

To find out more about becoming a Fellow of The Leaders Institute email info@welead.org.uk

What about your future leaders?

The world has been going through a mind-shift – an awakening that has accelerated as a result of the global pandemic.

The ‘old’ ways of self-reinforcing practices no longer work.

Today, the requirement is for a moral, adaptive, intelligence-driven means of organising human affairs and organisations.

Conventional strategic planning is dead

The world now is one of complexity which teaches us that nothing happens in isolation and that most phenomenon and events are interconnected. We need entirely different thinking architectures to see alternative paths. Value creation is about the capability to adapt and innovate whether goods, services, processes, or business models. Leadership too has evolved. Instead of one person providing answers, todays leaders co-create and build a generative learning environment for a new consciousness to respond intelligently as a thinking community.

Learning to think, adapt and innovate is now vital.

Based on twenty years of global research and praxis, The Leaders Institute provides a unique way to develop future global leaders with great impact. 

Developing future leaders


Generative Learning

The capability to challenge what we know and adapt quickly when required.


Global perspectives and Geo-politics

Operating in a global environment.


Mastering Complexity

Understanding ‘emergence’ and dealing with disruption.


Forecasting Possible Futures

Experience of useful tools.


Purposeful action

To accelerate change.


Building Cognitive Capacity

Developing thinking and multiple perspectives.


Redesigning organisations

Maximising technology.

This flexible, six- month programme is for the team who have the capability to replace the present CEO and senior executives. With world-class tutors and speakers TLI Future Leaders Programme is ground- breaking and externally validated. Upon completion, delegates are invited to become Fellows of The Leaders Institute.

shaping the future

with world leaders