The Leaders Circle

A unique programme for boards to enhance dynamics and performance.

We enable boards and executives to have access to:


Executive leaders with experience as CEOs, Chairs, NEDs to explore ideas, be a sounding board and provide mentoring.


New thinking, knowledge exchange and innovative solutions through our research lab.


Guidance and trust from a person who understands the realities of leadership.


Constructive dialogue that challenges assumptions below the level of awareness.


A bespoke programme and mentoring for high potential women and people of colour.


A unique programme for boards based on two years research to enhance the dynamics and performance that has had a huge impact on boards and top teams around the world.


Opportunities for CEOs to raise their profile.


The collective experience and expertise of other leaders.


Events, insights, interviews with leaders.


Opportunity to become a Fellow of the Institute and meet leaders outside your usual network.


An Away Day to address the challenges facing leaders through panels and break out rooms. This includes speakers from around the world and follow up actions.

How it Works

Fresh thinking to forecast possible futures and mitigate risks

Benchmarking for reality checks


12 month personal development plans for each executive


Strategic Alignment – ensuring everyone going the same way


Career/Transition support

Mentoring individual and team targeted at CEOs, NEDs, Executive Directors, Senior Executives, high potential women

C SuiteAway Days with global high calibre speakers


Bespoke Support for CEOs

Build a high personal profile

Fellowship – monthly Insights and interviews with high profile individuals

Unique Board Dynamics and Performance Programme

Building a dynamic Inclusive Culture

Collective access to our team of experts and thought leaders to test new ideas

Exit strategy for private equity firms

shaping the future

with world leaders